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Help                                                  (Need more information on how to earn credits from searching?

This page is designed specifically to help members that want to add keywords to the Webmasterquest Search Directory.  By bidding on specific keywords your quality of traffic will be much higher and should convert into higher sign-ups and sales.

How do I add keywords to my account?
After clicking on Add your Keywords links fill out the following fields: 

- Keyword or phrase (exact match)
- Your Bid in credits (minimum 0.25 increments) 
- Link your keyword from the drop-down to an existing site in your account

How come it won't allow me to add my keyword?
Note all sites in your account should be updated with a full site description. You can add a description
to any site in your account by clicking on My Sites and then selecting EDIT to fill in the site description field.

Can I see my own site if I perform a search on my search term?
Yes, you will be able to see your site in the search listings, but will not cost you any credits to view your own site. We do this so you can see what position your listing has, and how it looks compared to the others

Can other members just keep clicking on my search link to earn credits?
No, search credits are awarded only once per 24 hours per member per unique keyword site. Credits will not be awarded for multiple clicks on the same site link.

In my stats it says "Free Hits" and "Paid Hits". What's the difference?
"Free hits" is essentially free traffic without credit deduction for non logged-in visits and visits from non-members. "Paid hits" means logged-in members that have searched for your keyword and clicked
your link, and have viewed your site for a minimum of 30 seconds to earn their search credits.

Tips when adding keywords
The CPC search will only find the same keywords as the one you are searching for. Searching for "traffic" will only show sites that have paid for "traffic" and will not include sites for example with the keyword "free traffic". You cannot search for part of a keyword either, you need to type the keyword in exactly to find any sites.

Some examples

Searching for example will NOT show pages with the keyword examples

Searching for advertise will NOT show pages with the keyword advertising, adverts



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