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How Search Works?                                                  (Click here for problems adding your keywords)

Now in an exciting bidding format, Webmasterquest members can earn traffic by searching sites from our search directory. Members can bid on specific keywords for targeted traffic- the higher the bid, the better your search listings!

How many credits can I earn?
Depending on the search term, you can earn multiple credits for each search you perform!

How often can I search the same site? Can I earn credits by clicking on the same link?
No, search credits are awarded only once per 24 hours per unique keyword site. Credits will not be
awarded for multiple clicks on the same site link.

Where can I check my search stats?
You can see how many credits you've earned from searches, and how much search credits earned from your referral downline by clicking on Account Stats

Do I  earn referral traffic from my downline for completed searches?
Definitely! You earn 25% of the credits earned from direct referral searches, and 15% from second level referral searches ! Now referring new members to Webmasterquest has double the benefits! 

Do I have to be logged in to earn search credits?
Yes, credits earned from searching other members sites means you must be logged in. Members with bidded listings do not get penalized or deducted credits for non-logged searches.

Search Tips
The CPC search will only find the same keywords as the one you are searching for. Searching for "traffic" will only show sites that have paid for "traffic" and will not include sites for example with the keyword "free traffic". You cannot search for part of a keyword either, you need to type the keyword in exactly to find any sites.

Some examples

Searching for example will NOT show pages with the keyword examples

Searching for advertise will NOT show pages with the keyword advertising, adverts



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