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Thursday December 2nd 2004 -- Webmasterquest - November Contest Winners


In this Webmasterquest Update
1. November Traffic Lottery Winners
2. November Referral Contest Winners
3. November Arcade Games Winners

1. November Traffic Lottery Winners

Congratulations to the November Webmasterquest Traffic Lottery Winners.
What a great way to get a blast of free traffic!

Here are the lucky winners of the November traffic lottery:
3934 credits won by GSPENCER13
562 credits won by pholmerson
562 credits won by hithotwinds

Remember lottery tickets only cost 1 credit each! Give yourself a
chance to win each month. The December Traffic Lottery is now underway!


2. November Referral Contest Winners

Members that refer new members to Webmasterquest are automatically
entered into the monthly Webmasterquest Referral Contest!

Results for the November Webmasterquest Referral Contest
1st place - 2610 5,000 credits
2nd place - return80 2,500 credits
3rd place - linfree 2,000 credits
4th place - moneywayz 1,500 credits
5th place - rcyoung 1,250 credits
6th place - grahamer 1,000 credits
7th place - skytags 1,000 credits
8th place - coolcash 1,000 credits
9th place - ronsaunders 1,000 credits
10th place - glika 1,000 credits

Get those referral urls posted, and give yourself a chance to win the
December referral contest (plus build your Webmasterquest downline at the same time for tons of bonus traffic every month)


3. November Arcade Games Winners

Tired of clicking for credits? Well how about playing online games and giving yourself a chance to win free money and traffic at the same time? With over 10 games to choose from you have a great selection of games to try - take a break and have some fun!

Login and Visit the Webmasterquest Arcade!

How does the Webmasterquest arcade work?
For each online game you play will earn you one Arcade Token. Those tokens will be used in a draw each month for a chance to win the Webmasterquest Arcade Traffic Pool. Note: Highscores will NOT be used to find a winner.

Here are the lucky winners for the October arcade pool:
1627 credits to lotus04 + $25 added to the WebmasterQuest account
1627 credits to misslink
1627 credits to djackson4
1627 credits to johno1

Where else can you play games for free and have a chance to win traffic and cash? Play online games and win the October contest!

Again congratulations to all of our November contest winners. December is a new month so make sure to visit Webmasterquest often and give yourself a chance to win!

Thomas and Jeff


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