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Tuesday September 21st 2004 -- Webmasterquest -- Special Edition - Looking at Traffic Exchanges


In this Special Webmasterquest.com Update
Over the last six months we have been holding regular brainstorming sessions here trying to figure out different ways to improve sign-up and conversion rates for Webmasterquest members.

Webmasterquest is currently one of the largest traffic exchanges on the internet and has a long history of providing top rate traffic with close to 100% unique visitor ratios and some of the best anti-cheat scripts available anywhere. But as competition continues to heat up in the traffic exchange industry with literally thousands of other traffic exchanges for you to choose from, we have to keep pushing ourselves to remain as one of the leading traffic exchanges.

The most common solution we see out there is traffic exchanges just giving away more free credits to their members to get them to surf more, but unfortunately this is really not a good solution at all. More often than not traffic exchanges end up giving away more credits than they can actually deliver which means you have credits sitting there in your accounts not being delivered because that particular traffic exchange is either selling or giving more credits away than they can actually move. Not good.

Other traffic exchanges entice growth by giving away free credits for new sign-ups. The thinking there is more new users using the site means better and faster traffic delivery. Again that is also not an overly strategic solution as all that does is opens the doors for system abuse where people sign-up for multiple accounts and simply use their free credits (never to be seen again)...

We now see new traffic exchanges now that are looking at fancy referral ratios based on your surfing activity, or even group surfing benefits... This is kinda neat and interesting for awhile but the bottom line you must ask yourself is are you actually getting sign-ups for your hard work or are you simply spending more time surfing? That fad as do most new things on the internet will start to fall apart too...

So the KEY question then becomes how do you improve the actual sign-up and conversion ratios for your earned credits? How do you maximize your time spent surfing for traffic and how do you actually make those credits count for something ???

Giving away more credits as we point out above does not equate to better traffic quality or more sign-ups for your hard-earned time.. In fact usually flooding a traffic exchange with additional inventory (credits) works out the other way where overall traffic quality starts to decline for members and the effectiveness of the program itself starts to falter. We have seen too many of our competitors pick this route and they ruin their programs as a result. THIS IS NOT THE WAY!!!

While Webmasterquest currently offers more features than almost any other traffic exchange available (which helps get your sites seen and produce the highest traffic quality possible) we have been really concentrating lately on how to raise the bar one more notch.....

Due to launch in the next 60 days (fingers crossed) Webmasterquest will be launching a new feature that will change how things work here a little. No radical changes in the core Webmasterquest traffic delivery engine (it works really well still), but rather we will be adding an additional layer of scripting that will allow all members to get more sign-ups and conversions for their credits. We think this new feature is going to be a very valuable asset to how Webmasterquest works with improved productivity for all of our members!

As is often the case there are certain people out there that will try to abuse and cheat traffic exchanges, so we need the next two months to cover every possible angle and make sure only the honest members are the ones that actually benefit from using this new feature. While the concept is simple the programming behind it is not so simple. It will take us a good 45-60 days of dedicated programming before we can actually launch it, but you should be saving up your credits for the next month as we get everything in place.

With such fierce competition out there right now where other traffic exchanges that would love to know what we are up to. This means unfortunately we have to keep this new idea secret until we actually go live. We also want to pack as many features possible into the new scripts to make it difficult for others to copy this new concept, so please be patient as we work on it here.

Visit Webmasterquest often and keep updated on all new developments.

Have a good week! Time to get back to work here.

Thomas and Jeff


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