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Sunday September 23rd 2012 -- More WebmasterQuest Improvments


Hi :-)

We have made quite a few improvements to the new site this week.

We have made several improvements to the surf bar, the main improvement is it now tells you exactly what you have earned during the surf session (Check it out :-)) I think its pretty cool.


The Mystery prizes have also been improved, you now get 3 mystery prizes each time, and you also get the prizes more often. Look at the (Next Mystery in ##) counter on the surf bar.

We have introduced several new splash pages this week, you can see them by clicking the splash pages link in the "Business Builder" section of the site, or by clicking here http://webmasterquest.com/members/splash.php

The email bar timer is now faster, its now a 15 second timer, the email bar is a great surf bar and especially good for people with bandwidth restrictions.

We have extended the surf session time so you can come back to it even after several hours and still continue surfing on the same surf session.

If you would like to see something changed or improved, let me know, I don't bite :-)

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Thanks for reading.


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