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Wednesday August 8th 2012 -- New @ WebmasterQuest ....


* New Spash Pages
* $$$ Real Cash $$$
* Unmissable Deal
* August advertising madness
* Referral competition
* Sample Referral Banner
* Your Account

We have two new splash pages available in the members area, here are your links to the new pages.

More new stuff is on its way :-)

All members now earn $$$CASH$$$ commissions on all orders and upgrades made by their direct referrals. Free members will earn 10% cash commissions and premium members will get a massive 50% commission on all their referral purchases and upgrades.

Not a premium member?
Then why not upgrade your account now, you will earn up to 3 times more traffic from surfing, random referrals added to your account, fabulous 50% cash commissions, credits and impressions, a faster surf timer, and if you upgrade before the end of August you will also receive double credits/impressions too.
*** That's a really great deal that shouldn't be missed. ***

August advertising madness, any orders placed in August will receive double credits, so if you ordered 2500 visitor credits you would receive 5000 visitor credits, if you bought 1 million banner impressions you would receive 2 million ... this is a great way to give your account and promotions a boost and if you have referrals you can earn up to 50% cash commissions on their purchases too.
August advertising madness also applies to premium upgrades so don't miss out.

A big congratulations to all of this months referral competition winners, your all superstars

Winners Get!

1st place - 5,000 credits
2nd place - 2,500 credits
3rd place - 2,000 credits
4th place - 1,500 credits
5th place - 1,250 credits
6-10th place - 1,000 credits

Want to join in?

Here is a sample referral banner (simply copy and paste it to your web site)

Thanks for being a WebMasterQuest member


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