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Saturday November 5th 2011 -- WebMasterQuest Maintenance & News



A big hello to all new and old members :-)

Here at WebMasterQuest we are always trying to make things run better and faster, as a part of that process we have decided to move WebMasterQuest to a different server. We will be transferring the site within the next few days and only expect a small amount of downtime (less than 1 hour). After the transfer it is possible you will not be able to access the site due to changes in the sites IP address and DNS information, if you find that you cannot access WebMasterQuest then simply reboot your computer and try accessing the site again.

If you have any difficulties, problems or suggestions then please feel free to contact me "Pete" [email protected]

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of this months referral competition winners.

Winners Get!
1st place - 5,000 credits
2nd place - 2,500 credits
3rd place - 2,000 credits
4th place - 1,500 credits
5th place - 1,250 credits
6-10th place - 1,000 credits

Thanks for being a WebMasterQuest member :-)


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