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Friday February 12th 2010 -- Long Overdue WebmasterQuest Update



It's been a very long time since I sent out any WebmasterQuest news, nearly 4 years, I cannot believe its been that long.

A lot has happened in those four years, the main things, I got married to Debra, my rock and soul-mate and I love her very much, and I also have a wonderful family. :-) I now have two children, one adopted Son Ashley, he's a pleasure to have as a son and I'm very proud of him, and Andrew is our 20 month old baby boy, Andrew makes me laugh and smile every single day and I cannot remember life without him. The last 4 years have been an amazing journey for me and I've loved every second of it, anyway enough about me, after all this is a WebmasterQuest newsletter :-)

If you have forgotten about WebmasterQuest and you are thinking "what is it", then your membership info is at the bottom along with login URL's etc.. if you have any questions or want to discuss anything then you can always email me (Pete) directly at [email protected]


Many things have changed at WebmasterQuest over the years and many things have stayed the same, WebmasterQuest is still as feature rich as ever with many ways of earning traffic and many ways to promote your site. WebmasterQuest also has some new features and those are the one's I will discuss in this very over due newsletter.

Member Survey

The first thing to mention is a member survey, the member survey allows you to tell us what you like and dislike about WebmasterQuest and you also get 50 credits for taking part. We have received a lot of excellent feedback so far and have made many minor and major improvements so far. To take part in the survey login to the member area and the survey link is on the right hand side in the news and updates section.

Surfbar Improvements

For almost 10 years WebmasterQuest has operated a 30 second surfbar and this was a standard time adopted by many other traffic exchanges over the years, however we now feel the time has come to move to a faster 20 second surf bar (10 Seconds for Premium members). When we first implemented the 30 second surf bar most people that surfed the internet used very slow 33k or 56k dial-up modems, surfing was slow and web sites loaded slowly. However most people now have access to fast broadband internet connections and the time it takes for most sites to load is generally under 5 seconds, so to keep up with the times we have moved to a new faster surf bar.

Advertising and Upgrade Prices
We have now lowered the cost of credits and premium upgrades, the cost of visitor credits has been reduced so they are now more competitive and offer better value than ever, WebmasterQuest has always been a great site to buy advertising but now its just that much better with 1000 visitor credits costing just $6.95. (See the WebmasterQuest site for other packages and prices)

We have also improved our premium upgrade package and prices, so far its proven to be a very popular upgrade, the new upgrade cost is just $9.95 and allows you to earn three times as much traffic to your sites from surfing and also gives you a massive 2000 visitor credits instantly, other premium upgrades give you banner impressions too.

New Splash Page

We now have a new advertising splash page available in the members area, the splash page is a great way for members to promote their WebmasterQuest accounts and earn additional advertising at the same time. If you have not logged in to WebmasterQuest for a while we have also updated our "refer three" splash page and there is also quite a few extra referral banners (and more to come), so don't forget to check them out when you next login.

Well that's all for now, but I hope to have more site upgrades, goodies and news for you soon.


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