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Tuesday December 20th 2005 -- WebMasterQuest Member Update


Hello WebmasterQuest Members

1. Hello
2. Referral Bonuses
3. WebmasterQuest Updates

1. Hello

First a big hello to all new and old WebmasterQuest members :-)

My name is Peter Kelly, and I'm the proud new owner of the extremely popular WebmasterQuest site, as many of you know the previous owners of WebmasterQuest Jeff and Thomas decided to change direction and move on to new projects.

Many of you will already know me as I run and maintain many very popular sites on the internet, including the very popular http://TrafficG.com

Over the coming months and years I hope to take WebMasterQuest to new heights, and I hope you will join me for the ride.

2. Referral Bonuses

New Referral incentives are now active, all members will now receive instant referral bonuses for introducing new members to WebmasterQuest, you will also get new instant rewards when your indirect referrals introduce new members.

We have also changed the banner and flash code on the referral pages, under the old system members were required to host WebmasterQuest banners and flash banners on their own web servers, from now on we will host the banners, this will make it even easier for you and your referrals to promote WebmasterQuest, and will help give your sites some extra and well deserved exposure.

3. WebmasterQuest Updates

Over the next few weeks and months we will be updating a lot of the WebmasterQuest members area and site, the new site upgrades will make the WebMasterQuest site even easier to use, and help you be more productive.

We have already upgraded some pages and will continue to work hard to improve all systems. If any one has any feature requests or suggestions of any kind please feel free to email me -- [email protected]

Happy Holidays,


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