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Monday October 24th 2005 -- Webmasterquest has been SOLD!



As you know Thomas and myself have been running 4 traffic exchanges and it has become too much for us to manage effectively. With http://www.blogexplosion.com keeping us busy we realized we needed to make some very difficult decisions moving forward.

We are thrilled to announce that Peter Kelly owner of http://www.trafficg.com will be the new owner of Webmasterquest. Pete is a true professional and the perfect candidate to take over Webmasterquest. TrafficG has actually been around longer than Webmasterquest as one of the original traffic exchanges on the internet.

What does this mean to you?

The partnering of two of the largest and most successful traffic exchanges means huge benefits to members of both exchanges. This has to be one of the biggest mergers for the traffic exchange industry ever!

We will be moving Webmasterquest to a bigger server this week with Pete to complete the transfer. Note: Both Thomas and myself will still be a small part owner of Webmasterquest moving forward. Nothing changes on your end and all member payouts etc are still in effect.

Webmasterquest is a personal thing for us. We grew the site from nothing and with the support of loyal members and a lot of hard work we grew WQ into a pretty cool site that has always produced some of the best quality traffic in the entire industry.

We received a few offers that we eventually turned down. We realized that this was not a money thing and we wanted to sell Webmasterquest to somebody we could trust respect the site and keep things moving forward in the spirit of why we built Webmasterquest in the first place.

We thank all of our members (over the years now) that have enjoyed Webmasterquest and we know Pete will do a great job in making Webmasterquest even better in the future as well.


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